Our Director receives a Women’s History Network Image Grant

We are delighted to announce that our director, Dr Chamion Caballero, has been awarded an Image Licence Grant from the Women's History Network.

The grant scheme, newly established by the Women’s History Network (WHN) in 2022, covers the cost of illustrative material in academic work.

Chamion was awarded a grant to purchase images that will accompany her research into Prativa and Sudhira Devi, Indian sisters and princesses who married two British brothers – Lionel and Alan Mander - in the early twentieth century.

Chamion's research into the Devi sisters is also supported by the Women’s History Network via the Independent Researcher Fellowship awarded last year.

Black and white studio portrait of Sudhira and Prativa Devi.

Image: Prativa and Sudhira in The Bystander, 1908. © Illustrated London News/Mary Evans Picture Library. Reproduced under licence.

The Devi sisters

Though little known today, the lives of the Devi sisters were of great interest to the British press in the years just before and after WW1. In addition to coverage in local and national press, they frequently featured in society magazines such as Tatler and The Bystander, often in full page spreads that emphasised their beauty, wealth and ‘western’ character. Chamion’s Image Grant from the WHN will enable her commission the Mary Evans Picture Library to digitise a set of these society magazine photos for display at The Mixed Museum.

Chamion recently spoke about her work into the Devi sisters at the WHN’s Independent Fellows Roundtable. The talk was recorded and can be viewed by WHN members – along with a host of other talks – via the WHN website.

About the Women's History Network

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