The Mixed Museum

Welcome to The Mixed Museum. After a long time in the making, we are delighted to finally be able to launch our new website and embark on our plans for this next exciting stage in The Mixed Museum’s journey.

You join us now as we transition the Museum from its original form - an end of academic project website called the ‘Mix-d Museum’ – created in 2012 thanks to funding from the Arts and Humanities Council’s (AHRC) Digital Transformation scheme.

In 2019, we became The Mixed Museum, a digital museum and archive seeking to preserve and share the history of racial mixing in Britain for future generations as part of our contribution to the widening of knowledge about the Black and Asian and wider ethnic minority presence in Britain.


Our history

The original Mix-d Museum website was originally founded as a means to share more widely and permanently the findings of small British Academy-funded research project undertaken in 2007-2008 by academics Dr Chamion Caballero and Dr Peter Aspinall into official accounts and firsthand experiences of racial mixing in 20th century Britain. While the initial research findings inspired and formed the foundations of the 2011 BBC2 series Mixed Britannia, it was clear that although the broadcast medium was a very successful dissemination route, it was nevertheless a temporary and partial one.

With this in mind, we recognised the need to identify new and creative ways to provide access to material focusing on the lived experiences of those whose histories are not always considered important enough to record and archive. In 2012, we received a small grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to collaborate with Bradley Lincoln of the third sector organisation Mix-d to create a pilot digital resource we named the ‘Mix-d: Museum’, an interactive online repository of the material we had collected on racial and ethnic mixing in 20th century Britain. Though our initial funding ran out, the interest and enthusiasm for the Museum remained. Due partly to our collaboration with the Association of Mixed Race Irish in 2019 on our 'Mixed Race Irish Families in Britain, 1700-2000' exhibition, we are delighted that The Mixed Museum has now been able to enter its new phase as a social enterprise, showcasing not only its existing Timeline on our website, but also hosting special digital exhibitions with relevant partners.


Our people

The Mixed Museum is founded and directed by Dr Chamion Caballero. The ‘Mix-d: Museum’ co-founders, Dr Peter Aspinall and Bradley Lincoln, remain with us in their role as Friends of The Mixed Museum, advising and supporting The Mixed Museum as it embarks on its new journey.


Our organisation

The Mixed Museum is a registered social enterprise meaning we are a non-profit organisation.