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22 November 2023

Thanks to the Dome, our new short film will tell the story of composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor in Brighton

15 November 2023

Exploring the extraordinary life of the mixed French musician Chevalier de Saint-Georges, who was friends with the Prince of Wales

8 November 2023

Learn about the histories of three pioneering mixed race men we came across during our visit to Plymouth – and why local stories matter

11 October 2023

Our Creative Director was among the alumni celebrating two decades of the pioneering children’s modelling agency

28 September 2023

The Mixed Museum and ‘brown babies’ families will explore the impact of DNA testing, thanks to UK Research and Innovation

30 June 2023

An emotional and thought-provoking evening exploring the lives of Britain’s ‘brown babies’

22 June 2023

In our Windrush Day reflections, we discuss the mixed race families on the ship – and ongoing injustice

14 June 2023

Join The Mixed Museum and guests at the Foundling Museum for a special event to mark the publication of Fablehouse