The Mixed Museum joins the Mindsets + Missions programme

The Mixed Museum is one of the 45 strong cohort of organisations and individuals chosen to participate in the Museum Association’s Mindsets + Missions programme.

The new learning and grants programme, funded by the UK Research and Innovation in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Council, gives participants the chance to explore collaboration and peer learning for research and innovation.

Mindsets and Missions programme logo

About the programme

It brings together a cohort of 30 organisations and 15 changemaker individuals from across the UK, inviting them to combine experimentation with an element of ambition. It will support work that is boundary pushing within its context and created in a way that promotes learning from the experience across sectors.

The learning programme is intended to help practitioners and policymakers to better understand how museums and science centres can engage underrepresented communities with research and innovation.

The Exeter Science Centre, Queer Britain, the National Windrush Museum, Manchester Museum, Aberdeen Science Centre and the National Space Centre are among other recipients.

“A unique opportunity for our small organisation”

During the first phase, between March and April 2023, the programme will be led by The Liminal Space and bring together a cohort of organisations, creative practitioners, researchers, and experts by lived and learned experience to stimulate collaboration and peer learning.

Cohort members bring expertise across cultural, heritage, creative and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) learning and engagement. Together they will explore the missions that drive this work and the mindsets that go towards achieving their shared aims.

Development funding and stipends will support the involvement of each of the participating organisations and individuals.  

The second phase of the programme, launching later in the year, will push this learning further. Participating organisations will be able to apply for grants to support projects which embody the collaborative, knowledge sharing, and innovative approaches to working with diverse audiences explored by the cohort.

“We are delighted that the museum has been awarded a place on the Mindsets + Missions programme,” says Dr Chamion Caballero, Director of The Mixed Museum and our organisation’s nominated cohort participant. “Being part of the cohort provides our small organisation with a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from experienced heritage practitioners, while at the same time sharing our creative and innovative practices in knowledge sharing, collaboration and audience engagement with larger institutions. We really look forward to the insights, connections and outputs that emerge from the programme.”

Mindsets + Missions is funded by UK Research and Innovation in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and delivered by the Museums Association, The Liminal Space and the Association for Science and Discovery Centres.

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