Job opportunity! Freelance filmmaker wanted for our BTCOTC project (CLOSED)

A woman stands with a video camera in an art gallery. She is filming a Black woman wearing glasses who is sat down and busy dressmaking. On the walls behind them are colourful works of art.


We are looking for a freelance documentary filmmaker (or filmmaker team) ideally based or from the London Borough of Brent to produce a series of short videos about our BTCOTC project which can feature across our social media platforms and as part of our final digital exhibition (to be launched in March 2022). The aim of the film work is to help narrate the project’s aims and achievements in video form, as well as present examples of some of the stories unearthed during the course of the project. The job would be ideal for a graduate/early career filmmaker looking to build their portfolio.

Artist fee £600 funded by Being Brent Wellbeing Fund 2021 and The Mixed Museum. Fee paid on delivery of the film outputs.


By The Cut of Their Cloth (BTCOTC) is a collaborative community art, photography, fashion and heritage project between Fashioning Our History ( ) and The Mixed Museum ( ). BTCOTC seeks to share, preserve and celebrate the history of mixed race families and multiculturalism within the London borough of Brent. The project is part of the Being Brent Wellbeing Fund 2021 and is supported by Brent Council via The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Poster advertising By the Cut of Their Cloth project. The letters BTCOTC are written in red in large horizontal capitals. The words By the Cut of Their Cloth are written in black in smaller capitals next to them. A cut out photo shows Warren Reilly, a mixed race man of Black heritage, in an art gallery. He posing in front of black and white abstract art pieces and is wearing an elaborate black robe and looking directly into the camera.
Poster advertising By the Cut of Their Cloth project. The letters BTCOTC are written in orange in large horizontal capitals. The words By the Cut of Their Cloth are written in black in smaller capitals next to them. A cut out photo of a couple taken in 1921 is shown. The woman is white and is sitting in a chair with her hands folded in her lap. She is wearing a white blouse and black skirt. A mixed race man of Black heritage is sat on the arm of the chair, leaning into her. He is wearing a coat over a suit and tie.
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A woman in a white gallery space is filming a recently made dress on a table. Another woman sits on the other side of the table.



We are looking for someone to be able to take on the following tasks over DECEMBER to MARCH 2022.

- To film footage at our OPEN DAYS (Saturday 15th January 2022 and Sunday 16th of January 2022) and WORKSHOPS (Monday 14th February/Wednesday 16th February/Saturday 19th Februray 2022) which will be held at the Library at Willesden Green - *You must be able to film at least one Open Day and two of the creative workshops. 

- To participate in discussions with the project team to shape the concept and content of the short films.

- To be comfortable conducting the filmed interviews with core members of the BTCOTC team and the general public to help capture both the story behind the project and the family histories unearthed during the project process

- To edit and produce 10 short videos (between 30 secs – 2 mins each) suitable for promotional use across social media/outputs for the digital exhibition.


- Commit to the set days where filming will need to take place at activities and events which include our creative workshops and open day event from Jan - March 2021. 

- Provide your own film making and editing equipment. 

- Be proficient in the use of film documentary equipment including cameras, microphones, lighting, etc. along with appropriate editing software (Premier pro, Filmora, etc.)

- Have adequate digital storage facilities and ensure all work is backed up and saved at all times to avoid loss of work. 

- Input your own creative ideas in collaboration with the BTCOTC team to ensure that the overall goal and branding aesthetic of the project is honoured and realised. 

- Be willing to attend 3 project planning meetings (online or in person in Brent) to discuss your progress and share creative research and ideas. 

- Be able to work to tight deadlines and ensure all work is completed to the highest possible standard. 

*Please note: You are welcome to apply to this role collaboratively as a film maker and film editor, however the artist fee will remain the same and will need to be split between you both as individuals. 


- Gain valuable work experience for your CV producing video material within the heritage sector and the creative industries.

- Collaborate with a supportive team who will allow space for you to input your own creative ideas.

- Have your work feature as part of The Mixed Museum’s online BTCOTC exhibition, allowing it to become a valuable educational resource for future generations.


Please submit an up to date CV, at least one relevant reference, and example(s) of your previous portfolio of work either by transfer or via online links such Vimeo, YouTube, etc. to the BTCOTC team at:  


A woman dressed in a white sweatshirt and whte trousers looks through a film camera viewfinder in a white studio. A white undressed manequin is behind her.